I'm a Chicago-based & Arizona raised "creative." Please note the scare quotes and do not think of me as someone who uses "creative" as a noun in a serious way. That being said, I do make a variety of things. The two kinds of things my ego's all enmeshed in, the ones I take seriously, are writing and filmmaking, so you can call me a writer and filmmaker. The briefest of skims through this website will show that I have significantly more experience writing than in making movies. This is because I am not wealthy, nor am I sociopathically driven to rise and grind 72/2.33. Despite this, my goals equally involve both, and I don't consider them to be all that different in the end!

When I'm not writing or "making film" (an industry term), I often work on others' projects. By this I mean three things:

-I am the Poetry & Prose Editor for HOMINTERN MAGAZINE, and the Poetry Editor for The Sick Muse, an IRL-only, free, "alternative" newspaper based in Chicago.

-I do work as an Editor-for-hire! I'm open to working with you on your screenplay, essay, poetry collection, short story, not-otherwise-specified incredibly avant written confirmation of your genius (or whatever your project is) in whatever capacity you need me. (Email me for references and rates.)

-I have worked in the past as a ghost writer, and I would do it again. (Again, email me.)

Contact: The astute reader of this page will note that I've now twice mentioned my email address as if it's something you already have. The slightly more astute reader will also note the red text in the bottom-right corner of every page of this website. The exceptionally astute reader will note specifically that the red text to the right of the ampersand reads "Email," and that, in fact, it and its neighbor "Twitter" are hyperlinks.